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How we got our name....

When the original members and I kicked around ideas of what to call the band we were at a loss. I then had watched a documentary about The Beatles. In the documentary a theory that John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliff had seen the film The Wild One with Marlon Brando. In the film Brando's gang is called "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club." While Lee Marvin (Brando's rival in film) has a gang called, The Beetles. This is mentioned only in a line where Lee Marvin refferences that Brando was once in his gang, and says..."I miss ya Johnny...all the Beetles miss ya..." It is said that Lennon and Sutcliff chose the name and spelled it, "Beatles" to have a double meaning. So, always being a huge fan of the film The Wild One, and since it was released in 1953 one year before Elvis first recorded at Sun Records....I suggested the group be called ......The Wild Ones. 

Rick Lindy    


The Wild Ones band was formed in 2000 by veteran Vocalist Rick Lindy. After a 5 year stretch as lead singer for Big Guitars from Memphis, Rick decided that it was time to start his own original Rock-a-Billy band. Mike Hosman also of Big Guitars was the original drummer. Wild Man Todd Menke on lead guitar, and Malcolm Didier on Bass. Todd had to leave the group for personal reasons in 2001, and Ray Kainz took over as lead guitarist.  

The band recorded their first CD entitled, “Wild Side of Town” in 2001. The
Wild Ones were asked to tour Europe that Spring and landed a record deal with Flipside/Amigo Records in Oslo, Norway. The recording received favorable reviews all over
Europe which lead to another schedule tour i

The Wild Ones worked hard and achieved another album entitled, “American Dream”. In Spring of 2002 the Wild Ones did another tour of Europe thru Red Planet agency. Malcolm was the real winner on this tour. He not only came home with memories of many-a-beers, but he also met his lovely wife Susan while we performed in Bergen, Norway.

The Wild Ones have also performed around the USA, mainly in Chicago at such places as Navy Pier, Concerts at The Sears Tower, The John Hancock Building, Green Dolphin Street and The United Center .

The band re-formed in 2006 with Todd Menke back on lead guitar and welcomed drummer Butch Nelson (formerly of Rick Lindy and The Cyclones & Big Guitars from Memphis) to the line up. Todd had to leave for personal reasons in 2008, and the band now has the pleasure of having Dave Eliot formerly of the surf trio The Mysterians. Eric Stoliker replaced Malcolm Didier on Upright and Electric Bass, and Joe Smith replaced Butch Nelson in Spring of 2008.

Members of the current line up have played shows worldwide in Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland, The Faeroe Islands, England,Canada and

The great thing about this line up is the tremendous chemistry all the members have. Let the Wild Ones
take you to THE WILD SIDE of TOWN!!!